The Barry Pollard, MD / P&K Equipment Professor of Agribusiness at Oklahoma State University

Welcome to my homepage, which contains useful information for my students, advisees, and information on my research. This is largely a professional website, revolving around my teaching and research mission. However, my personal and professional life cannot be neatly separated, so it contains personal items as well.

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Teaching Mission: to instill an understanding of the world of agriculture and food that helps students become wiser citizens and achieve professional success. My courses include:


  • Using Identity Theory to improve survey design
  • Predicting food security rates using internet surveys
  • Impact of beef discoloration on consumer willingness-to-pay for beef
  • Consumer preferences for pecan attributes in US
  • Consumer preferences for pecans in China
  • Use of ‘Panoramic Fog’ for describing consumers' pursuit of ethical food
  • How persons construct beliefs about gluten
  • Vertical coordination in the beef supply chain

Brief Biography: Bailey grew up rodeoing and working on livestock farms in South Carolina, where his love of agriculture was born. After acquiring degrees in agricultural economics from Clemson, Kansas State University, and North Carolina State University, he became a faculty member in the Department of Agricultural Economics, where he currently teaches courses in researching consumer preferences, supply chain management, and a general course about agriculture. His research interests are varied but usually focuses on consumer behavior, and he has coauthored one textbook and three academic books.