Agricultural Economist at Oklahoma State University

Welcome to my homepage, which contains useful information for my students, advisees, and information on my research. This is largely a professional website, revolving around my teaching and research mission.

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Teaching Mission: to instill an understanding of economic principles necessary for successful agribusinesses, wealthy societies, and happy people. I teach the following courses:

  • AGEC 1113: Introduction to Agricultural Economics
  • AGEC 4990: Researching Consumer Food Preferences
  • AGEC 4990: Farm to Fork

Current research:

  • Writing a book called Meet the Food Radicals
  • Studying how behavior differs in the marketplace and the voting booth
  • ... food insecurity in Oklahoma
  • ... willful ignorance in farm animal welfare
  • ... consumer preferences of ground beef with different levels of 'pink slime'
  • ... consumer preferences for goat meat
  • ... the impact of food charity on the food insecure in Payne County
  • ... the social factors influencing gluten sensitivity
  • ... consumer preferences for pecans

Brief Biography: A South Carolina native, I dreamed of living in a state like Oklahoma where many others roped cattle and competed in rodeos. After receiving degrees from Clemson, Kansas State, and North Carolina State University, I got that chance. Since 2003 I have taught undergraduate classes in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University. My research appointment also allows me to write books and conduct scientific studies. I am the current holder the of Barry Pollard, M.D. / P&K Equipment Professorship in Agribusiness.