Farm to Fork: A Panoramic View of Agriculture enrollment for 2016 is now open! See this page for more information.

You know what happens between the grocery store and the fork, but what about the farm and the fork? This class is an online journey connecting agricultural science and your food. Go on a virtual tour of a dairy, swine, and beef farm. Study how farm practices impact the environment. Learn how modern livestock techniques impact the well-being of farm animals. Visit the DNA analysis labs that help keep food safe. Tour the soil test laboratories helping farmers apply the optimal amount of fertilizer. Visit a century-old experiment linking fertilizers to crop yields. Think critically about the impact of local food on the local economy. Do all of this in one online course this spring semester!

Here you can see the videos used in the class. These are the videos that accompany a number of articles.

Below you can watch my TEDx talk about the course.