Advisees are welcome to stop by, unannounced, at any time. If you want to make sure I will be in the office please follow these steps to make an appointment (it can save us from sending lots of emails back and forth identifying a convenient time for both of us)

(1) View my calendar onine at

(2) Email me at with one or two date and times convenient for both of us.

(3) I will reply and confirm.

(4) Please know that you may drop by unannounced any time. Making an appointment just ensures I will be there also.

Very specific advising questions


Is it true I can earn a minor without taking any additional courses? Yes, if we plan to do so early in your college career.

  • Students can easily earn a minor in the Spears School of Business while still taking only 120 total hours, so long as they plan early. For information on this see this document.
  • Students wanting a minor in something else should work closely with me to earn this minor without having to take more than 120 hours. For many minors this can be done, but we must plan early.

If I made an A or B in ENGL 1113/1313 can I skip ENGL 1213/1413? Yes, if you take ENGL 3323 instead of ENGL 1213/1413. By doing this you will have also satisfied the written communications requirement under the College/Departmental Requirements on your degree sheet. This gives you an extra three hours of electives.

If I took ENGL 1213/1413, skipping ENGL 1113/1313, do I still need to take ENGL 1113/1313? Yes, even if you made an A or B in ENGL 1213/1413. Remember that you can try and CLEP (test out of) ENGL 1213/1413.

How many hours can I transfer from a community colleges? You must acquire at least 60 credit hours from a four-year college, and once that criterion is met the number of transfer hours used is at the discretion of the academic department.

How many hours can I transfer from four-year colleges? All that matters is that one-half of the major course requirements for a department (the specific classes the department requires you to take) come from that department at OSU.