Meet the Food Radicals

F. Bailey Norwood and Tamara L. Mix
Oxford University Press
SBN: 9780190620431

Available for purchase at Oxford and Amazon.


This book gains insight from interviews with twenty-seven individuals who are either creating or proposing radical changes in how food is produced and distributed. An eclectic group ranging from farmers to activists to spiritual gurus, they are the most interesting people you have never met. By getting to know each “radical” personally we can better access their voices and visions to understand both the problems and likely solutions to today’s most pressing food problems.

  • The first book to introduce the views of twentyseven “food radicals” from across the spectrum of food production, practice, and consumption
  • Uses diverse assessments to understand possible solutions-based approaches within the existing food system
  • Translates various farming philosophies and food politics for economists, social scientists, and consumers
  • Interviews and resulting conversations address farming and food systems, as well as the ways individuals eat and interact with food This


“A radically thought-provoking book about radical foodies and farmers. Norwood and Mix give voice to passionate people committed to impacting our food and farming systems, all in their own unique, and sometimes strange, ways.”
—Jayson Lusk, author of Unnaturally Delicious

“Drawing on the experiences of diverse farmers, ranchers, soil and water scientists, and animal rights, renewable energy, and food justice activists, this engaging and highly readable book explores diverse problems and possible solutions to ensuring a sustainable, just, and high quality food supply.”
—Carole Counihan, author of Italian Food Activism in Urban Sardinia: Place, Taste, and Community

“What a fabulous feast of ideas this is! Norwood and Mix have produced a truly original and inspiring invitation to profoundly and positively rethink our relationship to our food and food systems. This is one dinner party you won’t want to miss!.”
—David Naguib Pellow, author of What is Critical Environmental Justice?

Meet the Food Radicals is one heck of a read—an inspiring collection of people experimenting with food. If you have grown tired of tomes promoting silver bullet approaches to today’s ills, this book is for you. Be prepared to have some of your beliefs challenged as you hear from activists espousing views that do not always align. The dissonance, however, is invaluable.”
—Michael Carolan, author of The Food Sharing Revolution: How Start-Ups, Pop-Ups, and Co-Ops are Changing the Way We Eat

“This engaging collection reveals food radicals’ discussions ranging from food production, to public policy and social issues, and finally to the experience of eating food.”
—Julian Agyeman, co-editor of Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class, and Sustainability