Information about Exam 1

The exam will be given in class on Friday, Feb 17.

If you cannot take the exam on Friday you must arrange a time with the TAs to take it. It will be a different test than given to the rest of the class and may include some essay questions. Also know that you will have to wait longer to receive your test score.

The exam contents are as follows

You must have an orange scantron for the exam and be prepared to enter your correct CWID on the scantron. I will deduct 5 percentage points from the exam if your CWID is wrong (Sorry! If I don’t half of you will carelessly enter the wrong number).

The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions (some of which are true/false). It will cover our material regarding futures markets and chapters 1-3. It will not include any material from the video 3.C Who Feeds Stillwater?

Note that students taking the exam at a different time will take a different exam, which includes an essay question.

There will be a review session held by the TAs on Thursday night, 8 - 9 PM, in AGH 320 AGH 101.

See the syllabus for specifications of the cheat sheet you may use.